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Library Policies and Procedures

GHS Library Policies


     The Goddard High Library Media Center is open from 7:15 A.M. until 3:05 P.M. Monday through Thursday and from 7:15 A.M. until 3 P.M. on Fridays. The library is also open on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 until 8:00 P.M. for Night Library.

     During class periods, a student must have a pass from his/her teacher to be in the library. Students must be signed in his or her agenda or show the teacher’s aide pass. Additionally, students should sign in to the library when they arrive and sign out when they leave.

     Students are not allowed in the library during lunch period unless they are pre-signed in their agenda book.

     Check out period for items from the Goddard High Library is two weeks (unless otherwise noted). Regular checkout library materials that are not returned on time will be assessed a late fee of 5¢ per day. There is a $2.00 maximum fee per item. Students are not allowed to check out any materials if they have a fine of $10.00 or more.

     Any items that are not returned must be paid for at replacement cost.


GHS Textbook Policies


     Students are responsible for the care and preservation of all textbooks and instructional materials checked out to them.  The materials checked out to a student at Goddard High School are the property of the Goddard Unified School District.  The school offers to the students a complete textbook rental program.  The following policies regarding the textbooks and instructional materials are intended to be guidelines to prevent loss and ensure that textbooks are maintained in good condition.

     Textbooks are issued by the barcode system and records are kept of all textbooks and instructional materials issued to students.

     At GHS we strive to provide textbooks that are in good condition for all of our students.  PLEASE inspect your books as soon as they are given to you and report anything of concern immediately to the librarian.

     It is the students' responsibility to return textbooks in good, usable condition with the barcode still attached to the book at the end of the school year or each semester for single semester subjects or when dropping/changing classes.

     Students are asked not to write, underline, or highlight in textbooks or other instructional materials, including novels checked out for English classes.

     Additional textbooks will not be issued to those students who are dropping/changing classes until their book for the dropped class has been returned.  Additional textbooks will not be issued to students with overdue textbooks.

  • Students will be billed for any damages to textbooks that are checked out to them for use at home or books from classroom sets when a teacher submits a bill for damage.
  • Loss or damage beyond repair that prevents the re-issuing of a textbook will result in the responsible student paying the full replacement cost of the textbook.
  • A full refund will be issued for textbooks lost and paid for when returned in good, usable condition.
  • Damage to a textbook that requires repair in order to be re-issued will result in the responsible student paying up to $25.00 in repair costs.
    • A missing barcode from a textbook will result in the responsible student paying $5.00.
    • Any loss, damage beyond repair, or damage requiring repair of a textbook checked out as a classroom set with no student responsible, will result in the department paying the full replacement cost or the repair fee of the textbook.
    • Any deliberate damage to a textbook that is part of a classroom set checked out to a teacher that is directly traceable to a student, needs to be turned in as a discipline referral, and the textbook needs to be turned in to the library for repair fine assessment or replacement fee assessment.

All teachers, seniors, and underclassmen will be required to get the librarian's signature on a check-out sheet to ensure all textbooks and library materials are returned before transferring, graduating, or leaving for the summer.

  • Students not getting the required signature and not returning textbooks that they are responsible for will be assessed the replacement fee for the textbooks.
  • When the textbooks are returned in good, usable condition, the fee assessed will be removed from the student's account or refunded if paid.

The librarian, with administrative approval, reserves the right to make adjustments to the policies to meet specific and unusual circumstances regarding the condition and use of the textbooks.