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Working with Your Goddard High School Counselor

One valuable resource for Goddard High School students and parents is your counseling department.  We serve as a guide through academic, career and personal/social issues as they relate to the high school experience. Counselors meet regularly with students in large and small groups, as well as individually.  What drives our program is what we believe about students, our vision for their future, and the part we play in that journey.

What We Believe About Goddard Students

  • All students should be highly regarded and feel valued by a dedicated group of caring and invested adults.
  • All students should have opportunities to explore, grow, experience, succeed, and fail in order to cultivate a sense of self.
  • All students can make positive educational, career, and personal choices and seek out appropriate resources and guidance.
  • All students can advocate for themselves and build resilience to face life's challenges.
  • All students can be life-long learners and positive influences in their community and workplace.

Our Vision for Goddard High School Students

Our vision is that all students realize their greatest potential as an individual in their home, their career, and their community.  GHS students will possess the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of life through an awareness of their personal strengths and will seek new and challenging experiences that expand their worldview.  GHS students will utilize these skills to nurture relationships that solidify their sense of self-worth.  Our students will be employed or on track to be employed in a career that matches their individual interests, abilities, and values and will be productive contributors in an ever-changing, diverse society.

Our Mission in Realizing the Vision 

The school counseling department at Goddard High School empowers all students to achieve their maximum potential so they are prepared to meet their personal, college, and career goals.  Our school counseling program delivers a comprehensive, data-driven program that helps all students, regardless of background or individual circumstances, to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become productive members of our society.  School counselors partner with other educators and stakeholders to advocate for equity, access, and success for all.

Parents are a Vital Part of the Realizing the Vision

Get to know us.

We will see students on a regular basis as they progress through high school, however, please get to know us early in your student’s high school career. Make an appointment to talk to us, share your dreams and concerns for your child, and learn about what resources we offer.  This will make future conversations much more productive.

Help us get to know your son or daughter.

When you meet with us, give us some background information about your student that will help us understand more about your son or daughter, such as special talents, skills, or needs, any strengths and weaknesses, who their friends are, what their family situation is like and what challenges he or she might have overcome. The more we know about your son or daughter, the easier it will be for us to assist you and your student.

Keep in contact.

Don’t limit yourself to just one counselor meeting. Keep in touch with us throughout the school year, whether through email, phone or additional face-to-face appointments. Don’t forget to encourage your student to navigate the course of high school with his or her counselor. While you should never hesitate to ask us questions, you will be helping your son or daughter develop self-advocacy skills by having him or her make an appointment with the counselor.

Stay involved.

Participate in as many parent activities as you can, including enrollment meetings, bi-annual family conferences, open houses, college fairs, college workshops, evening programs and/or financial aid workshops. The information you’ll receive at these types of events will help you become more knowledgeable about the types of educational, occupational, and personal choices your student will be making about high school and life beyond high school.

Utilize counseling resources.

We do our best to make resources on a variety of topics available to you. Newsletters, websites, pamphlets and informational programs are all often available to give you more information. Take advantage of these resources.  By keeping your email address up to date, and by using Skyward on a regular basis, you can remain current on what is happening.  We also use REMIND to send short, informative texts. 

Thank you for the privilege of walking with you and your Goddard Lion.

Counseling Staff

Michelle Murray-Cline, Counselor (A-G)       
Phone: 316.794.4115 ext. 32041

Scott Kinderknecht, Counselor (H-O)       Phone: 316.794.4115 ext. 32143 

Kim Hoetmer,  Counselor (P-Z)
Phone: 316.794.4115 ext. 32040

Karla Burris, Registrar/Student Records
Phone: 316.794.4115 ext. 32045

Karen Jones, Counseling Office Secretary
Phone: 316.794.4115 ext. 32046

FAX 316.794.4104

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